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Nicky Daly is a psychology graduate with a background initially in nursing and mental health. She has worked extensively with individuals and families in the mental health sphere, and has for some years developed, written and delivered a highly successful training programme supporting families affected by mental illness. She is an experienced group facilitator and trainer.

Nicky is an experienced and gifted counsellor, having trained for four years at Leicester University, followed by a subsequent further year trainiing in group therapy. She has also worked for Leicester County Council's counselling Service, and provided employee assistance counselling within companies.

She has over ten years of clinical experience working with individuals, aswell as several years of working with groups. Nicky's core models are Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioural and Mindfulness Based Therapy. She also offers coaching in stress reduction and offers techniques for stress management and personal empowerment.

Nicky is particularly interested in the Mind-Body-Spirit connection and its relevance for health and well-being, and the importance of balance and life-style change to our overall happiness as human beings.


It's always helpful to have had personal experience of the kind of situations we offer to try to help others with. In both Janice's and Nicky's case, stress led to becoming ill to the point of having to leave work and develop a different life-style.

Although that was some years ago now, the learning remains, as does the awareness of the toll that stress can take on our bodies, on our minds, and for our emotional or spiritual well-being.

Both therapists live what they preach. They don't just talk the talk, they have incorporated the knowledge they possess into their own day to day living. You can therefore rest assured that they understand at least some of what it is to be out of balance, confused and frightened, and to be searching for the cganges in perception and life-style that will make a permanent difference.

It's precisely because they've managed to do it themselves that they are so passionate and motivated, and so encouraging and supportive to others on a similar journey.


Our approach is a personal one

Janice and Nicky are warm and empathic therapists, who see the quality of the therapeutic relationship as central to the successful outcome of therapy.

They combine significant life experience and a core knowledge and understanding of the way in which our current difficulties often relate back to past experiences and events, together with an awareness that we all have a rich and dynamic way of being which encompasses not only our day to day conscious life, but also a creative and lively unconscious one.

They believe that lasting change happens not simply at a cognitive level, but more deeply at an emotional one, and that becoming self aware and accepting of ourselves in the company of a therapist who understands us is a truly healing and empowering experience.

'For us, the relationship is the therapy.'


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